Virtual Lab

Virtual Lab


As part of our goal to support and uplift artists, we want to share with you some of the wonderful work/projects/tools we have found helpful both as resources to assist in maintaining and motivating your creative process, as well as a way of featuring the people in our different communities who have created this work and made it accessible -- responding quickly and elegantly in times of crisis is inspiring and we are grateful for their work. We hope you find these resources useful and please email us with works either you have created or you think we should know about, so we can continue to grow this list together! 

COVID-19 Resource List 



We are providing Prompts to inspire your creative process. Submissions will be ongoing, so you can always respond to whichever prompt inspires you most. Submit your work by email ( or by tagging @movementlabbarnard on Instagram. Your response can be whatever form you want -- videos, poetry, artwork, journal entries, etc. The goal of the prompts is to stimulate your creativity and we look forward to seeing the different ways that takes shape! 

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Artist Feature

Celebrating artists whose work we support and believe in, we have started the new initiative: Artist Features. During a time when the burden on artists seems even greater than usual, we ask these inspirational makers to share an exclusive look into not just their final works, but also their process. Our Past Featured Artists include Chisa HidakaMimi YinLaJuné and Marianela Boán. Each feature will include a viewing opportunity of some of the artist's work and conclude with a live event on Zoom. We hope you tune in and enjoy celebrating these magnificent artists with us! 

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Artist Interviews

The Movement Lab is committed to collaborating with and learning from a diverse group of artists and thinkers. Interviews are opportunities to discover more, in their own words, about their creative process and their stories. 

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