Movement Lab

Student Artist in Residence Application OPEN!

The Movement Lab is incredibly happy to welcome Mohar Kalra as one of our new Student-Artists-in-Residence! Learn about Mohar Kalra and what he plans to work on in the Lab.

We are accepting applications for our second Student-Artist-in-Residence until September 27th. We encourage everyone to apply! True to the Lab’s core values, we are not looking for anyone with a singular set of skills or experiences; rather, we are searching for someone interested in using the space to develop their own ideas and push boundaries (both their own and ours) -- investigate from any and all angles and bring a new perspective to the play and work already happening in the space and in the broader field. Check out our Field Notes to get ideas and inspiration from some internationally-practicing, established artists.


Screen Dance in the Movement Lab

Students film as a part of Gabri Christa's Screen Dance course. The hands-on class requires each student to be choreographer, dancer, and filmmaker in order to understand all sides of the duet between camera and dance, gaining the experience needed to create their own short film final project.  

Screen Dance was offered in the fall of 2018 and will run again fall 2019, using the Lab as the home base classroom and taking advantage of the Lab’s modular technical capabilities.  As the Director of the lab and faculty within the Dance Department, Christa and her students are a driving force behind the Movement Lab.

Students filming as a part of the Screen Dance course

Immersive Projection

Guy de Lancey, the Movement Lab's studio manager, designer, and technologist oversaw the installation of two large projectors calibrated to cover the wall on the east side of the lab. The projection spans about 30 feet of the 50 foot wall. Another smaller projector projects onto the south side wall. Two more projectors are installed into the ceiling, pointing downward to cover the floor area. All five projectors can be linked together to project a single image in series or separate images, and are connectable through an HDMI cord to any computer. So, if you'd like to experience the full-screen projection and have a project in mind, contact the Movement Lab!

You can submit a booking request, and email with any questions. We can't wait to see what kinds of projects you produce!