Movement Lab

Summer 2024

Buzzing with Creativity: A Jam-Packed

Summer at the Movement Lab!

During this time of year, the lab is focused on upgrading our technology to reflect the needs of our academic researchers -- keep an eye out for upgraded projector systems and motion capture capabilities. Additionally, we welcome select Artists in Residence to develop an intensive project in our space. 

The Movement Lab is proud to partner with the Community Engagement and Inclusion Office and Girl's Rise Up to host the STEM from Dance program throughout July. The Lab provides a unique space to expand the camp's access to new technological resources, which will deepen the learning experience for girls and non-binary students interested in the intersection of science, math, and dance. Every day, students will partake in science classes and engage in dance classes from a variety of disciplines. By the end of the intensive, the students will have a multimedia performance highlighting their learnings.

We look forward to engaging with you and have exciting programming planned for the fall!