Norah Zuniga Shaw and her creative team (including Laura Rodriguez LROD, Byron AuYong, Marc Ainger, Oded Huberman and Tonya Lockyer) will be working on their Livable Futures: Climate Gathering transmedia performance rituals from January 13-17th at the Barnard Movement Lab. 

About Livable Futures:
Livable Futures in an international grassroots network of artists, scholars and activists seeking to share resources and foster creative solutions to survival under planetary conditions of unpredictability and crisis. Livable Futures projects are collaborative; they integrate artistic, scientific and humanistic methods and practices; and they are inclusive and socially responsive. 
Blog and Events: instagram @livablefuturesnow

About Climate Gathering:
Climate Gathering integrates performance and community dialog to turn toward climate change and create space for feeling into action. At the heart of each Climate Gathering is a one-hour immersive media and interactive sound performance ritual that brings audiences into a charged and charismatic space of connection and community. Over time, the audience increasingly becomes the work both live in the moment and online over time. Climate Gathering holds space for grief and communion and meaningful dialog around livable futures and just transitions.

Open rehearsals will be held January 15-16. Groups are intentionally kept small so the experience can be as immersive as possible. To join us, please complete this invitation request

rehearsal of Livable Futures:Climate Gathering featuring movement, voice, and physical installation pieces.