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About 175 students visited the Milstein Center during NSOP this year.

Gabri Christa, the lab's faculty director, just finished her year long Atlantic Fellowship for Equity in Global Brain Health. Hosted by the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) consisting of readings, course work, leadership training, clinical engagement, and collaboration that aims to connect the next generation of leaders in brain health. The fellowship ended with a five week intensive at the University of San Francisco Memory and Aging Center. Stop by the Lab to hear about Gabri's experience and how she plans to use what she has learned in this year's Moving Body-Moving Image Festival with the theme of “Aging & Othering”. 

Guy de Lancey, the lab's technologist, was commissioned by Brush Theatre Seoul of South Korea to develop and co-create an immersive experience for young people involving live staging, interactive surround projection, performance workshops and visual research around imagination and dreaming.