Apr 5

Play Lab by Student Artist in Residence Rosie Elliott

Movement Lab, Milstein Center LL020

What does it mean to play? For Rosie Elliott, play is by nature free and non-productive. As we get older, especially at an elite institution, we tend to lose sight of the importance of play. In an interactive installation, Rosie invites people to explore and play for themselves during their Stillness Lab takeover sessions. 

This Stillness Lab take-over event will take place on April 5th, April 12th, and April 19th

2 people running in a game. ai generated art


Rosie Elliott headshot

Rosie Elliott (they/she) is a junior at Barnard College majoring in Dance and Gender Studies. They work within the realms of dance and film, taking particular interest in how the two mediums enhance each other.

She is thrilled to be joining the Movement Lab Student Artist in Residence cohort this year. Through physical and intellectual experiments, Rosie will investigate what it would mean to remain in a constant state of non-productive play. In this interactive piece, Rosie asks audience members to embrace mess and play as they watch creative destruction and utopian world-building collide.