Photo of Celia standing with her hands on her hips, in a purple jumpsuit. Her hair is short and she is smiling.

Celia Krefter

Post-Baccalaureate Fellow, Movement Lab


Movement Lab


Celia Krefter (she/her) is a genderfluid director, choreographer, and lighting designer. Currently, Celia is into making dance-theatre through play and ecological collaboration, mirroring environmental processes to create non-hierarchical development and performance practices. She is curious about interspecies performance, biomimicry, what makes performance spaces livable, and collaboration with the land. Recent projects include Everything Changes, Nothing is Lost (Brick Aux), an aquarium piece exploring the mystery and wonder of ocean ecosystems, and The Sonic Life of a Giant Tortoise (Barnard Theatre Department), a play by Toshiki Okada meditating on grief and our search for the extraordinary amidst an urban capitalist landscape. Celia graduated from Columbia in 2022 with a BA in Theatre (Directing). Celia would love to hear about your artistic practice, and/or chat about how bugs dance and plants sing to one another.