Movement Lab Artist-in-Residence, new media artist, and creative technologist LaJuné McMillian presents The Black Movement Library Portrait Series at Brooklyn Public Library on Wednesday June 23rd and Thursday June 24th 8:30 pm – 10:00 pm. Taking the form of multiple short acts, the evening will feature both live and prerecorded “Movement Portraits,” or 2D video representations of peoples’ movements created using perception neuron motion-capture suits, some of which were filmed in the Barnard College Movement Lab. Five Black New York-based performing artists will create their “Movement Portraits” live in front of the audience, dancing on the plaza in front of the Library and sending their movement data to be translated into projected visuals in real-time.  Black Movement Library is an archival project launched by McMillian in 2018 as an online database of motion capture data from Black performers and Black character base models, who are currently misrepresented and underrepresented in existing online databases.

Presented in collaboration with A Blade of Grass, an arts nonprofit dedicated to social engagement.

Dancer Roukijah Rooks wearing Perception Neuron motion capture suit and dancing in the Movement Lab in front of a projected image of her motion capture avatar.
LaJuné McMillian: 'Black Movement Library,' 2021 featuring dancer Roukijah Rooks. Photo by Guy de Lancey.

Cover Image: LaJuné McMillian: ‘Black Movement Project’, 2019 featuring dancer Nala Duma // Copyright LaJuné McMillian