The Student Artist in Residence program is designed to support students engaging with technology and movement (from VR to Motion Capture) by providing space, mentorship, equipment resources, and publicity/performance opportunities. 

The residency program values innovation, experimentation and creative risk-taking. We envision the residency as inclusive and diverse, prompting reflection and dialogue with other residents and the community. By offering time, space, and creative support, the residency is an opportunity for students to unveil new ideas and imagine new ways of working. 

***The Movement Lab is process focused and dedicated to operating as a lab space. We ask residents to come with questions, a proposed research plan, and a willingness to be open and responsive. There is no required final outcome for the residency.***

This two semester-long program (with possibility of extension) is intended for Barnard/Columbia students as they research new movement technologies.

Applications deadline is Tuesday, September 5th, 2023.

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