Moving Body-Moving Image 2020

The 2020 inaugural virtual festival focused on depictions of Aging & Othering on screen and in society through two 45-minute film programs, streaming installations, virtual reality (VR) projects, and discussion. We were honored to have such an inspiring group of guest speakers featuring Karen Williams (conversation facilitator), Deborah Jowitt, Sheila Rohan, Susanna Sloat, Dr. Sheril Antonio, and Anna Sang Park. (click on their names to read their impressive bios)

2020 Festival Poster
The official website will continue to feature the guest speaker conversation, VR projects, and resources on Aging & Othering. Please check out the Official Film Selection and touring info below. 

2020 Official Festival Selection

Dance Macabre

Dance Macabre | Hungary | 2018 | 6:26

Director/Choreographer Zsófia Csánki


Edges | USA | 2016 | 9:26

Director Katie Stjernholm

Förgät mig ej (Forget me not)

Förgät mig ej (Forget me not) | Sweden | 2019 | 4:49

Director Maud Karlsson

Cheek to Cheek

Cheek to Cheek | Netherlands | 2018 | 23:24

Director Malou Wagenmaker & Bo van der Meer 

They Honeys and Bears

They Honeys and Bears | USA/NYC | 2016 | 3:31

Director Veena Rao


Vanitas | Brazil | 2017 | 5:41

Director Vinícius Cardoso

Choreographer Samuel Kavalerski

Sound and Sole

Sound and Sole | USA | 2018 | 6:53

Director Cara Hagan


Scalamare | Italy/Netherlands | 2017 | 10:51

Director and Choreographer Jiří Kilián       

Soccer Grannies

Soccer Grannies | South Africa/Netherlands | 2016 | 19:39

Director Lara-Ann de Wet

The 2020 Festival is available for touring both as a full program and a selection of films. We are open to discussing touring options for both online and live events.