Apr 13

MeMoSa: Breathing: The Blow in Mind Space by Student Artist in Residence Yilin Li

Movement Lab, Milstein Center, LL020
a woman with her arms wrapped and eyes closed. ai generated art

RSVP Required

Yilin Li’s MeMoSa event is focused on breathing, the tiny unnoticed everyday motion which people take as given. Combining their experience in dance, especially Butoh which emphasizes inhale and release, Yilin aims to concretize the idea of breathing in multiple formations, visualize it by VR and explore the joyful, poetic, and therapeutic quality of the act. They investigate how the visualization of breathing provides a dancer prompts to design choreography.

MeMoSa begins 7pm

Capacity in the lab is capped at 35 audience members. Attendees who have RSVP'd before the event will have priority, and admission will be determined on a first come first serve basis on arrival. If you RSVP before the event but you arrive late, we reserve the right to give your spot to someone on the waitlist. 

Attendees who have not RSVP'd will be put on a standby waitlist if they arrive in-person before the event.


Yilin Li headshot

Yilin Li is a senior at Barnard College and a storyteller using movement as the medium. She is interested in investigating the unique language of movement and the diverse expressiveness of the body. Her previous research and practice focused on creative dance for children to enhance problem-solving skills. At the movement lab, she explores how VR environments can provide prompts for dancers to design partial (e.g., body articulation) and full range of movement (e.g., level changes, space awareness, weight shifts). She is eager to probe into the interplay between human and technology through the perspective of a dancer.