Aug 30

Installation: "Time Enough" by Allison Costa

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Movement Lab, Milstein Center, LL020

This installation presents “Time Enough,” Allison Costa’s Post-Baccalaureate creative research project studying our perception and experience of time through dance and technology. Composed of 10 smaller-scale experiments or “clocks,” each exploring a different element of Allison’s research, the installation will use immersive and interactive projection to lead participants in a reflection on time.

Allison's "Time Enough" Installation will be open Monday through Friday 12:00pm-5:00pm from August 30th until September 10th, 2021. Please stop by! 

"clock" or small-scale experiment from creative research project "Time Enough". bedroom with person on floor moving, one image is ghostly white and the other is in color with a PoseNet movement estimation skeleton.
Time Enough: Clock: November 2020 (Looptime), created by Allison Costa with PoseNet motion capture.