What We Do



The Movement Lab is a flexible modular space for movement research, exploration, production, collaboration, and interdisciplinary interaction. The Lab’s trans-media function serves to enhance critical thinking and learning through body and brain connection as it seeks to explore emerging trajectories in art science and technology. Our programming and projects include:


We host interactive installations from our community and guest artists alike. To mark our Grand Opening, Keira Heu-jwyn Chang (aka SpatialK) brought her interactive installation Ball Pit, a responsive video projection  to inspire PLAY and CURIOSITY about interactive performance technology in the dance community and to inspire movement in everyone. The animation responded to the user’s movement as you travel through the space. The bigger the movement, the bigger the reaction.


Classes & Workshops

Our space can be used for guest workshops and Barnard courses that emphasize the intersection of movement and technology. For example, Keira Heu-jwyn Chang will lead a workshop where participants will play with inexpensive, coin-sized sensors which can be sewn into costumes with conductive thread. Students can explore how to use position, acceleration, light exposure and touch input to control a variety of outputs like LED lights, sound elements, and video. We will also be hosting new courses, like Coding Choreography.