Allison (Allie) Costa joins this summer as Post Baccalaureate Fellow of the Movement Lab. Allie is enthralled by human-computer interaction, how technology expands our understanding of physical movement and the ways in which performance can physicalize data. Having recently graduated with a double major in dance and computer science, she aims to unite these two disciplines to engage larger audiences and expand human communication. 

Last year Allie participated in the lab's inaugural Student Artist in Residence program where she investigated patterns of improvisation. Exploring cyclical feedback between creativity and computation, Allie used motion capture technology to identify her own movement biases and explored how this awareness influences a performer’s ability to minimize redundancy and expand range. 

This coming year Allie will focus her attention on strengthening ties between Barnard’s new Computer Science Department and the Movement Lab, working along side Artists in Residence Kenji Williams, Cari Ann Shim Sham and Mimi Yin and developing programming with an emphasis on inclusion and accessibility. 

Be sure to swing by the lab and meet Allie- she will be helping with the Welcome workshop of September 13th and hosting a workshop entitled "Navigating Collaboration with Arts and Technology" on November 8th.