Moving Body - Moving Image - Barnard at the Museum of the Moving Image. February 15 at 7.30PM


Interview with Prof Gabri Christa on Sirius XM


Nation Sirius XM Urbanview Director, Filmmaker Warrington Hudlin stops by Next Nation to discuss The Black Film Series premiering at The Museum of the Moving Image in NY for this month of February. Joining him is rapper,actor and documentary filmmaker Christopher Martin to discuss his new film “And I Danced” premiering at MOMI on 2/22 which tells the story of the many important background and hip hop dancers who ushered in a new movement of dance into the genre. Also joining us is curator, professor choreographer and filmmaker Gabri Christa whose curated series “Moving Body, Moving Image” premiers on 2/15. Our discussion about how art can change minds globally and answers the question why do we censor art? Tune In| All month long Next Nation will be giving you a celebratory presentation of Black History past, present and future.....Join us on this legacy ride.


Image: Ayo Janeen Jackson