Allie Costa, Post-Bacc Fellow of the Movement Lab, will join Performa 19 in a week long program entitled “Unlimited Bodies,” focused on celebrating the 100th anniversary of Bauhaus school and embracing the idea of radical pedagogue where participants are teacher, student, witness, and artist all in one. Bringing together 15 graduate students from around the world (Columbia University, NYU, CalArts, Paris’s École des Beaux-Arts, and University of Giessen), the program will use New York City and dance/movement-based research as its backbone, as this experiment incorporates student proposed workshops, performances, talks, and more for a 100 hours of immersive learning.

Costa looks forward to leading a workshop to visit Mount Sinai Hospital’s Abilities Research Center, collaborating with an amazing group of international artists and scholars, and sharing all she is no doubt going to learn about unlimited bodies with the Movement Lab.