Nov 6

Workshop: Mobile Movement Film Series: Directing Camera & Movement with Gabri Christa


This introductory workshop series gets you started making movement films with your mobile phone. You will leave the workshop with tips and a list of resources. This first Mobile Movement Filming workshop will help you take the best shots possible, start understanding the camera, and how to compose both the camera and movement so you can begin your mobile film journey.


Mobile Movement Film Workshop Series:

Friday November 6th 1-3pm: Directing Camera & Movement with Gabri Christa
Friday November 13th 1-3pm: Lighting & Design with Guy de Lancey
Friday November 20th 1-3pm: Editing Across Forms With Allie Costa in Collaboration with Media Center

Participation flexible -- please attend any or all workshops in this series. RSVP form

Image of someone filming someone with their mobile phone