Feb 11

Workshop: Laughter Meditation with Laraaji

Movement Lab's Virtual Lab

LARAAJI will guide us through a hilarious, interactive, musically supported laughter release session that delivers us into our deeper relaxation and inner stillness. We will be guided in using our own voice tone and laughter as vehicles for internal energy medicine and positive psychology.

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Laraaji on UK performance tour 2017, smiling as he plays his zither. Photo by Matthew Crown
Laraaji on UK performance tour 2017. Photo by Matthew Crown.



Laraaji in an enclosed outdoor space, wearing a jacket of his signature orange color, and smiling at the camera
Photo by David Gittens.

LARAAJI is a Multi-Instrumental Musician/Recording Artist and Laughter Release Meditation guide. He has recorded and toured the globe with amazing ambient music performances and therapeutic Laughter Meditation workshops since the 1980's.